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Balcony Swing Chair & Patio Swing - Wicker, Braid, Aluminum and Wood. INDIA - LUXOX®

Shop Outdoor Swing Chair - Balcony Swing - Garden Swing Chair - Two - Three Seater Swing with Stand

Shop Online Exotic Outdoor Swing Chair of trendy material. Fusion of Wicker, Braid & Rope, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and exotic Wood.

         In India LUXOX® is prominent manufacturer, leading suppler and exporter of precisely finished exclusive high-end Outdoor Balcony Swing Chair & Garden Swing, Outdoor Two - Three Seater Swing to premium hotel, resort, office, beach cafe, casino, restaurant, cafeteria, club, discotheque, farm house, bungalow and villas. We build High End and Stylish Designs of Outdoor Swing & Garden Swing. Our refined and robust Garden Furniture and Swing Chairs are ideal for outdoor spaces such as Beach, Patio, Balcony, terrace, Garden, Veranda and Deck.

          A class of eminent, elite and design motivated shoppers from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Gujrat, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and across world invest in outdoor furniture & Garden Furniture made by LUXOX® to enhance their perfect outdoor space. Although these sturdy outdoor Swing & Swing With Stand set are tough enough to sustain outside all weather condition are also maintenance free eco-friendly – recyclable. We still encourage buyer by extending our exclusive warranty to support after sales for locally made most durable Indian outdoor furniture.

"Rope as it looks like a organic matter, a texture I love to touch," says Nandani Das, A Ranchi based Native Indian Designer. She adds "The Furniture can be placed for backyard conservatory and porches, it can also find a home in custom designed outdoor space. Soft and paddy touch, Braid & rope can be surprisingly alluring," ......................... She expressed her dreams as she believe "Romance The Garden Breeze -  A comfy outdoor hangout, right here at home. Enliven the joy of togetherness, stimulate the creative juices, let a harmonious tranquility take over. The Luxox range of outdoor swings embody the ecstasy of the human spirit."