Wood Steel & Combination Outdoor Dining Set for Garden, Terrace & patio

Wood-Steel combo furniture – Wood’s Warmth, Steel’s Style

 It’s about look, feel & texture coming together to embrace stability & functionality. The warm refinement of teak wood combining with the unwavering manmade steadfastness and aesthetics of stainless steel. Presenting wood-steel combo furniture by LUXOX. Hi-tech coatings ensure a weather-proof durability, making this range of eye-catching, luxuriant furniture ideal for farm houses and hospitality. 

Our Select range of Premium Wood Steel & Combination Outdoor Furniture to suit all you Requirements & Designs. Start from Outdoor Sofa, Garden Chairs, Dining Set, Bench, Couch, Sun Lounger, Swing, Daybed & many more utility. Build Tough to withstand Sun and Wind. Top Quality Burma teak With Stain Less Steel & fabric from Sunbrella for Long life. Choose from Different design and Quality as per Outdoor Furniture requirements. 

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