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Know your Wicker furniture

What is Wicker furniture ?

Wicker Furniture originates from Cane / Rattan Furniture. The technique of weaving of natural or plastic wicker fibre is called Wicker. Since ancient age our ancestors have used this technique to fulfill their basic necessities. Let us see an example of an ancient use of these technique.


What are the Wicker furniture types ?

 1. Natural Wicker Furniture

Natural wicker furniture is beautifully woven but is only meant for indoor use or a covered area where these in no direct sunlight, rain drops, dust etc. These can be ideally used in bedroom, dining room, Living room etc. However there are some special species of cane and rattan which are very durable even for life long outdoor use. But unfortunately these species are are now rare and unavailable for production purpose. (Eg. local species of cane rattan: Harnaa cane, Sundri cane)


2. Outdoor Wicker Furniture.

Outdoor wicker furniture are made of HDPE. A plastic which is molded into fine cane strip, a replica of natural cane. These are washable wicker fiber made with molding extrusion process. It can withstand extreme outdoor conditions like direct sun, rain and dust. Special additives chemicals for U V prevention are mixed during molding process and are blended for better molecule bonding.



How we make durable Wicker furniture frame?

Wicker furniture frames are ideally made from metal frame, though furniture frame is also in demand. Low cost wicker furniture are made from Iron / MS frame while expensive range is made with ultra light weight metal such as Aluminium making it easy to handle and rust proof. The joint are given using special welding process making it un-brakeable from the joints. These frame are further painted or powder coated for long lasting life and  good finishing.

Wicker furniture weaving ?
Wicker furniture weaving is done done by hand. It means it is a hand made / hand crafted product. Each wicker cane strand are weaved carefully. The end are stepeled with special numatic nailing gun so that your wicker seating chair weaving never become loose.

What makes us the famous brand with Made in India tag?

  • Luxox’s plastic (HDPE) cane used for weaving can withstand all weather condition from -20 degree to 55 degree. These plastic cane are further treated with permitted chemicals to impart UV protection which prevents fading and racking of cane
  • Luxox’s furniture is made from aluminium pipe which is rust proof
  • Welding is done through Argon-TIG Welding for sturdy and long lasting joints
  • Luxox’s frames are further powder coated to provide maximum protection even in most corrosive environment
  • Luxox uses imported Dyed acrylic fabric which is long lasting
  • Luxox provides 5 year warranty against manufacturing defect & 1 year warranty against fading, sagging etc under normal use. Manufacturing defect such as - breakage of welding joints, breakage of cane and self damage of fabrics. In case of such defects, we will repair furniture. Beyond warranty period, we give support for repairing at a nominal cost. Please note normal ware and tear due to use is not covered under warranty. Any damage done by pets or mishandling will not be covered under warranty.