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Warranty Terms

Buying furniture is a thoughtful and usually once/twice a decade process. You should buy Quality furniture that reflects your style and comfort. We at luxox.shop help you narrow down your search by providing a variety of designs for all your furniture needs: Bedroom Furniture, Living Room, Dining Room, Office Furniture, Furniture Accessories, Garden & Outdoor Furniture. Whether you're shopping for a family room sofa or your first dining table, we promise you'll be satisfied with not only our products but the entire shopping process. Quality, Durability and Warranty terms are the most important factor while purchasing. We are committed to provide you value for your money and can vouch for our quality.

Warranty is limited for Selected Products only (See Product Page Item Description for warranty). Warranty will be valid through as per terms mentioned in warranty Card. In absence of warranty card and Original Bill No warranty will be covered. 

Outdoor Furniture : (Click Here & Follow Instruction to avoid damage)

  • Luxox provides 10 year warranty against manufacturing defect & 6 year warranty against fading, sagging etc under normal use. Manufacturing defect such as - breakage of welding joints, breakage of cane and self damage of fabrics. In case of such defects, we will repair furniture. Beyond warranty period, we give support for repairing at a nominal cost. Please note normal ware and tear due to use is not covered under warranty. Any damage done by pets or mishandling will not be covered under warranty.
  • Any damage due to dragging furniture will not be covered. Always lift furniture to mover around.
  • Outdoor Fabric Comes with 1 to 5 year warranty depending upon the color selection. Fabric warranty is subjected to fabric suppliers and their terms of use. Please strictly follow the washing instruction to avoid damage of fabric. using chemical may also voice warranty.

Indoor Furniture : (Click Here & Follow Instruction to avoid damage)(Extra care for Furniture)

  • All Wooden & Rattan Cane furniture comes with a warranty of 1 year against manufacturing defect. 
  • Damage due to mishandling and cuts and scratch due to improper use is not covered under warranty.
  • Any damage due to dragging furniture will not be covered. Always lift furniture to mover around.
  • Wood furniture constantly reacts to the humidity level in the environment. Increased humidity causes wood to expand; colder drier air causes wood to contract. In humid months, drawers might "stick" and open with resistance. During dry winter weather, wood contracts. Consequently, furniture can show gaps, especially where a table leaf fits into a table top, or around dresser drawers. Both of these issues are temporary. When moisture levels in the home stabilize, wood furniture will return to its regular appearance and performance.
  • Minor Variation in Colour & size are acceptable as per Industry stranded. This enhance beauty of the Handmade  product. Wood as in nature have different colour & texture through out the surface.